Brighten Your Home - For Convenience, Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation

Hybrid Solar Fiber Optic Lighting System 
Hybrid Solar Lighting with tracking distributes natural light within
the interior of buildings and is fully integrated into the
existing artificial lighting systems.
Therefore, Hybrid Solar Lighting delivers the benifits of the
natural lighting with the convenience and reliability of artifical light.
Independent studies show that natural light
increases retail sales, reduces energy consumption, and
improves employee productivity and wellness.



Sustainable Features

In any building where a comfortable and healthy indoor environment or energy efficiency plays a role, the Parans System offers a valuable contribution. Using the Parans System adds distinct advantages in the following areas:

Office and Education 
Wherever people are involved in intellectual work or learning, it’s crucial to provide a supportive environment that keeps the brain relaxed, the mind alert and the body healthy. Research proves that natural light does just that. In a 1999 study, students in the classrooms with most natural light progressed 20 percent faster on math tests and 26 percent faster on reading tests. Workforce studies show how productivity increases by typically 6-16 percent, absence decreases by around 5-25 percent. Add to this the energy savings of up to 25 percent of the annual costs and it’s not difficult to calculate a short time between investment and payback. 

Retail Stores 
Crucial to the success of any retail store is to attract customers and to make them stay and shop. It is therefore no wonder that sales can increase by 40percent as shoppers stay longer in environments made more comfortable and interesting by adding natural light. In addition, the uniqueness and brightness of the Parans System is sure to attract a great deal of attention to any venue.

Home is where we spend time without obligations, a place for safe and relaxed living. Many homes have rooms that could be so much more inviting and comfortable if they were reached by the living sunlight. With this System, many more rooms - deep inside buildings, north facing or even under ground, can be illuminated with real sunlight. 

Galleries and Museums Benefits
Illuminating interiors with sunlight from the Parans System gains many benefits. These range from increased alertness to reduced global warming.We would like to give you some examples here. 

Wellness and Productivity
Productivity increases by 6 – 16 percent when natural light is added to a workplace.1 percent productivity increase equals the total energy cost in offices. Pure sunlight is dynamic and has a full spectrum that triggers the ganglion cells,which controls levels of melatonin and cortisol, thereby synchronizing the body clock. Sunlight gives improved visibility from improved light, better color rendering, and the absence of flickering from electrical lighting. 

Parans Fiber Optic Skylight
is a unique way to bring natural light deep into a building where it was not previously possible.
This allows for the electric lights to be turned off
during the day, which
results in lower lighting bills and less energy demand.
Natural light has also been attributed to increased productivity, increased morale, better test scores and increased retail sales.
The system is comprised of an exterior daylight collecting panel which has 64 Fresnel lenses on the inside.
Theses lenses rotate to
track the sun automatically, controlled by an
internal computer.
Each lens acts like a magnifying lens to
focus the sunlight.
This focused sunlight is directed into a fiber optic strand, each individual strand is combined with other strands to create a fiber optic cable.
There are four fiber optic cables coming out of each panel. Each of these cables can be up to 60 feet long.
These cables can be routed through walls and ceilings and bent around obstructions.
Each fiber optic cable can be used  to bring the natural light to a different interior fixture or they can be combined in one fixture.
There are a variety of fixtures available, some of which combine the natural light and electric light into
a hybrid fixture.
The hybrid fixture can be combined with a sensor that will automatically turn the electric lights off when the natural light is sufficient.

Prices below:

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SolarPoint Lighting distributes natural light within the interior of the building and is fully intergrated into the existing artificial ligting sysytem.
Thus, SolarPoint Lighting delivers the benefits of natural lighting with the convenience and reliability
of artificial light.
Independent studies show that natural light increases retail sales, reduces energy consumption, and improves employee productivity
and wellness.

The Solar Point Lighting System, also called hybrid solar lighting, consists of
a roof mounted SolarPoint Platform, a 45' long plastic fiber optic bundle, and
a number of special
"hybrid" luminaires.
Technology concentrates natural sunlight into a
small bundle of optical
fibers that "pipe" sunlight directly into a building
or enclosure.
Special lighting fixtures called hybrid luminaries diffuse light throughout the space, delivering up to 
25,000 peak lumens.

The hybrid luminaries
blend the natural light with existing artificial lighting
to provide controllable interior lighting.
As sunlight levels increase and decrease, a daylight harvesting controller automatically increases or decreases the co-located artificial lighting proportionally, providing significant energy savings during daylight hours.
With nearly 80 installations in various environments
and uses across the
country, putting the
systems through nearly
one million hours of
in-the-field testing.


Sunlight collection at maximum efficiency with a
system-lens focusing and optical fiber transmission

The Himawari system consists of a lens focusing unit and optical fiber devices.
Its outdoor collector can collect sunlight always at maximum efficiency and transmit it through optical fibers to anywhere you want. Unlike conventional
solar lighting systems which uses skylights and mirrors, stable day lighting
is possible all day long without suffering constraints imposed by
room location, window orientation, and solar altitude.
In order to accurately track the sun as it continuously changes its position from sunrise to suset, Himawari is equipped with an automatic tracking system. A solar sensor and clock mechanism control the movement of the light focusing lens so that it is always accurately aimed at the
sun. Even when clouds block out the sun, the system can respond speedily to changes in the weather
Ultraviolet-free, so it's light gentle on the eyes and the skin
High-quality sunlight is what the Himawari System
provides. The tone of the light is natural and gentle
on the eyes, qualities that can not be reproduced
by any artificial illumination.
By using acrylic dome covering the lense and chromatic aberration through single lens focusing, the sun's UV
can be eliminated. Therefore, the light consists predominantly of visible rays, a kind of light that is
best suited for promoting photosynthesis in plants.
Since the Himawari system screens out ultraviolet rays,
it protects furniture and carpets from colar fading.
High-Purity Optical Fiber Enabling Flexible
Transmission Of Sunlight
Collected sunlight passes through optical fibers which transmit visible ray-dominated sunlight. Optical fibers
are so thin and flexible that they can freely transmit light
to rooms in any building, wheather old or new.
Energy Saving & Maintenance-Free
 By using an energy saving type system that is powered by solar cells, you can reduce your electricty cost
Once the Himawari System is installed, it operates automatically without any need for manual operation.
Since the precision collector is covered with acrylic dome, daylighting is stable over a long duration, and
free from the effects of rain and dust.

Himawari System Product Line-up
Number Of Lenses
Number Of Cables
Total Lumen(lm)
Large Scale
Mid Scale
Small Scale
Mid With
Solar Panels
Small With
Solar Panels