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Fiber Optic Lighting System
Energy Efficient Lighting
Fiber Optic Advantages
No electricity at the point of illumination
Fiber optic cables carry only light to the point of illumination. The illuminator and the electricity that powers it can be many yards away from the objects or areas being lit. For fountains, pools, spas, steam showers or saunas - fiber optic systems are the safest way to provide illumination.
No heat at the point of illumination
Fiber optic cables carry no heat to the point of illumination. No more hot display cases and no more burns from overheated lamps and fixture, and if you're lighting heat-sensitive materials like food, flowers, cosmetics or fine art, you can have bright, focused light without heat or heat damage.
No UV rays at the point of illumination
Fiber optic cables carry no destructive UV rays to the point of illumination, which is why the world's great museums often use fiber optic lighting to protect their ancient treasures. For preserving fragile and precious items, fiber optic systems provide bright but gentle light.
Easy and/or remote maintenance
Whether the issue is access or convenience, fiber optic systems can make re-lamping a breeze. For fixtures that are difficult to access, the illuminator can be located in a place that's easier to reach, and for multiple small lights (stair lights, paver lights or chandeliers) changing a single illuminator lamp re-lamps every light at once.
Interior Lighting Solutions
Recess Lighting
Display Lighting
Star Ceiling Lighting
Exterior Lighting Solutions
Landscape Lighting
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Fiber Optic Lighting Recessed Lights
Fiber Optic Twinkle Stars & Color Changing Fiber Optic Side Glow
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