Brighten Your Home - For Convenience Peace Of Mind & Energy Conservation
Heat & Cooling
Control your thermostat remotely from anywhere in your house or use your web-enabled phone to set the perfect temperature before you get home.
SmartHome thermostats looks and works like a regular thermostat and we use your existing wiring for connections. Once installed it can be controlled through a browser securely via the internet. Not only can you control your HVAC system remotely, you can even configure custom alerts to be sent to you via e-mail or text message on your cell phone.
Turn thermostat up or down from Comfort of your bed.
Why get up out of  bed when you can
pick up a remote and adjust the thermostat?
Link each button on the RemoteLinc to a preset temperature.
RemoteLinc talks directly to the Insteon thermostat
setting your desired temperature.
Turn thermostat up or down from the front door.
Use a KeypadLinc near the entryway to turn the thermostat off as you leave or on when you come home.
KeypadLinc replaces an existing switch.
 Program one of the buttons to a "home" setting and another to an "away" setting. Requires an Access Point to communicate to the thermostat.
Acess your thermostat on your way home from work.
Using your web-enabled phone or PC access your Insteon network and set the thermostat to your desired temperature setting.
This way your house will be at the perfect temperature when you arrive.
iPhone communicates via the web to the SmartLinc and
 then to the thermostat via an Access Point.
Have your home call you and/or loved ones if there is an alert status. You can save money on security monitoring services or even monitor for non-traditional security events like water in the laundry room or basement. Additionally, SmartHome solutions includes devices which will allow you to unlock the front door to let friends in or close the garage door from your office via the web.
Monitor live feeds from anywhere.
Have your sprinklers turn on only when it's dry. Turn the sprinklers on when there's motion in the yard at unwanted times.
Garage Door
Everyone with a garage has at one point left the garage door open unintentionally. Whether it's left open for an hour or over night, the point is all your tools, bicycles and other items are open for anyone to see. With our solutions, you can quickly and easily monitor and control your garage door from inside your home.
Home Theater
With SmartHome you can convert an existing wall switch into a remote control keypad for your audio or video system. You can also turn any ordinary universal remote into a SmartHome Controller. Dim lights down as you get ready to watch a movie or turn on the kitchen lights for a snack during intermission.
Imagine having hi-fi music in every room of your home with nothing more than an elegant wall mounted keypad and virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers showing. This is the dream system of interior decorators and is typically only found in multi-million dollars homes. We can show you how this can be done in your home with your existing equipment and at a reasonable cost.
The Modern entertainment area may include dozens of components, all controlled by a single touchscreen remote, with all components safely hidden away for increased aesthetic value. Setting up a home theater can be as easy or as complicated as your desire.
Remote control