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 Lighting Every Dimension Ltd.

Established 2009, Lighting Every Dimension Ltd. is a lighting retail/ distribution company providing
 low-voltage, Solid State LED & Solar products. We market to clients in the residential/ commercial fields while assisting to reduce environmental impact.


LED technology continues to develop rapidly as a general light source, and more
LED light fixtures, for example T8 LED replacement tubes, have been introduced
on the market.

Recently, commercially available white LEDs luminous efficacy have achieved
over 90 lm/w, compared with 80-100 lm/w of existing T8 fluorescent tubes.

Existing T8 fluorescent tubes work with troffers, whose efficiency ranges from
only 60% to 74%. In addition to having a high efficacy, LEDs also have a longer
life time, they save energy and are mercury free.

 Robert Van Winkle
Lighting Every Dimension Ltd.
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